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FasciaBlasters for Fat Burning

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As someone who has spent their life preparing for various competitions and photo shoots and guiding clients over the years, one area that has always frustrated me is cardiovascular activity. I’ve done cardio at a mid-range heart rate (around 155 BPM) twice a day to prepare and lean out. I’ve done interval HIIT training to “have a longer effect.” I’ve done 15 minutes 4x a day and I’ve done everything from Crossfit, to power yoga, to breathing techniques, to free-diving, to you name it, all under the heading of “fat-burning cardio”. The frustrating part is all the conflicting information and the huge gap between “old school” and “new school”. Also, the conflicting information about aging women and what level they should be working at to not induce a stress reaction in the body. These are all so important because we want to maximize all our efforts and design the best possible cardio program to go with all the other components.

So when I need the “real deal” information, I have the go-to source. The amazing scientists at ASPI, The Applied Science Performance institute. It’s called Applied Science for a reason, because Drs. Wilson and Lowery are ROCKSTARS in research and they can comb through all the latest data and deliver what the SCIENCE says. They will be guiding you through complex information, and along with our team, will have extreme beginners, intermediate, and advanced fat-burning routines to fit your lifestyle.

They are going to educate us on what are the most effective workouts for specific purposes, when to perform the cardio for maximum results, how to incorporate your meal plans into your cardio programs, when to increase caloric intake, how and when to decrease, and how to incorporate before and after exercise.

They will also be addressing supplements, especially if you’re participating in a calorie depleted program. We all want this group to burn fat, but in the healthiest, most all-encompassing way, for the level you are at and become during this 9-week program. Stop guessing and let’s get scientific with the leaders in this industry! These guys are rock stars! Join the group for NYNY and I also encourage you to independently follow Dr. Wilson's and Dr. Ryan Lowery's social media for awesome information you can TRUST!

The program:

  • Every week you will perform two full body weight lifting sessions
  • Every week you will perform two 16 minute cardio sessions
  • The main goal is to have fun!

You will Perform 3 normal sets with one minute rest between sets. After the last set you will immediately perform a new exercise for the same body part without rest.

Intensity and Sets

Your intensity will be on a scale of 0-10. Zero is resting and 10 is very hard.
For set one you will be a 5 out of 10, then a 7 out of 10, then an 8 and finally a 9 and a 10.

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