Muscles and Recovery

The Professional Athlete Treatment

Soft, Pliable, Functional Muscles in Minutes

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What to Expect

Release Muscle
Knots Locally [5]

Flexibility [4]

Less Swelling and Soreness [9]

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Are you seeking treatments such as massage, Cryotherapy, or chiropractic?


Do you use a foam roller for your muscles?


Do you feel tight in more than one joint?


Do you experience discomfort after a workout?


Do you occasionally wear a brace on one or more joints?


If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, you may be exhibiting signs of unhealthy fascia. Keep reading on to learn about fascia and what you can do to address it.

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Discover the secret pro athletes
have known for years!

Ashley Black's Experience
Ashley Black's Experience

What we KNOW about
Muscles and Recovery

Muscle “knots” are annoying. Massaging them feels good.

Stretching is good for flexibility and so is a massage and yoga.

Long term inflammation is not good, and causes discomfort along with longer recovery times.

What we might NOT know about Muscles and Recovery

It is the FASCIA that grabs muscles and hold them in “knots”. FasciaBlasting is addressing the root problem creating them––FASCIA [5]

Fascia runs in long strips through multiple joints and is the main cause of inflexibility. Releasing the fascia SYSTEM releases “individual parts” [4]

FasciaBlasting decreases C-Reactive protein in the blood while flushing temporary blood flow to the area, addressing acute and systemic inflammation [1]

Ashley Black's Experience

What is Fascia?

There is a misconception that fascia is just the “casing for the muscles.” WRONG, the fascia also penetrates the muscles (myofascial tissue) weaving through them like strands of hair. The FasciaBlaster serves as a “brush” for the hairlike strands INSIDE the muscles. FasciaBlasting massages and temporarily loosens the “casing” so the claws can easily penetrate into the muscle fibers. [5] Rollers and percussion devices simply do not do this.

Fascia is nothing new. We’ve known of its existence since DaVinci drew it in the early 1500’s, but our understanding of fascia didn’t begin until the late 19th Century when the founder of the Doctor of Osteopathic (D.O.) medical field, Dr. AT Stills, recognized fascia and it’s importance calling it “the river of life”. There have since been pockets of gurus and body workers around the globe making contributions to the study of fascia, but until now, there was no proven way to “fix fascia” by self-treating. Now the power to regenerate fascia is in your hands… literally. [1]

Ashley Black's Experience

Healthy Fascia

Ashley Black's Experience

Mild Fascia Problem

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Severe Fascia Problem


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FasciaBlaster Tools

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foam roller

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percussion therapy

Ashley Black's Experience

surface fascia tools

Ashley Black's Experience

Pressure Device

Relieves muscle soreness[2]

Massage muscles[5]

Promotes recovery[7]

Increases blood flow[6]

Promotes "QI" or energy

Renegates tissue*[1]

Reduces cellulite[1]

Reduces inflammation[9]

Scrapes the skin [1]

Ultrasound proof* [1]

Breaks up fat [1]

Tested for safety [1]

Designed for fascia

Increases collagen production* [1]

100 day $ back guarantee

FasciaBlasting is

This radically effective, at-home solution is inexpensive, easy, and can be done to yourself. No need for outside treatments, waiting for insurance, getting the runaround or expensive procedures.

Ashley Black's Experience

Apply oil

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Grab a
FaceBlaster tool

Ashley Black's Experience

Scrub your skin
like a washboard

Ashley Black's Experience

Experience long term
tissue repair, flexibility,
less inflammation and
an overall sense of
empowerment to take
your care to the next level.

That’s it? That’s it!

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Ashley Black's Experience

#BlasterSister Dea

“Changes occurred in places I was not aiming for! While blasting my thighs for many months consistently, I noticed my arms getting more defined from moving the FasciaBlaster back and forth. You are helping us beyond our expectations! Thank you!!!“

Fasciablaster System Features

Ashley Black's Experience

Our SMALL CLAW tools address the fascia of the surface tissue such as the skin, the lymphatic system, and the fat.

Ashley Black's Experience

Our LARGE CLAW tools address the fascia into the deeper, muscle fascial tissue

Ashley Black's Experience

Our NUGGET TIPS address stubborn adhesions or scars in the fascia

Ashley Black's Experience

Our BLASTER OIL is infused with algae that “soften fat” and make FasciaBlasting more effective.

Ashley Black's Experience

Our AFTER BLASTER CREAM is infused with skin tighteners and healing agents for your skin health.

Ashley Black's Experience

Our TIGHTENING SERUM is the ultimate FaceBlasting companion, infused with the maximum amount of scientifically proven* plant based ingredients.

Ashley Black's Experience

Our EDUCATION ELEMENTS take all the theorizing out of the FasciaBlasting process. Expert Ashley Black is here to guide you every step of the way.

Ashley Black's Experience

Our KRYOPACKS and KRYOMATS provide the benefits of cold therapy and are the perfect mate for the FasciaBlasting process.

We take all the guesswork out, by providing FREE follow-along tutorials, a FREE daily program sent to your email, and FREE access to coaching. All you need is your Fascia-care kit, and you’re on your way to experiencing more movement, increased vitality and reclaiming your life!


Kickstart your healing with the complete FASCIA treatment packages

Ashley Black's Experience
Ashley Black's Experience

Don't be a victim of your fascia, or use tools that aren't designed for, and don't work on fascia.

Why be tight, swollen, and achy? This makes us feel old and less agile! Take control like a BOSS with the FasciaBlaster method!

You’re at the gateway to freedom of movement, freedom from stiffness, and freedom to do the things you love… better!

With over 1.5 Million products sold, professional athlete endorsement, a 1000 day guarantee, interest free financing, and FREE coaching, what in the heck are you waiting for?

Ashley Black's Experience

Meet Our Founder, Ashley Black

Our founder, Ashley Black, spent the last 3 decades dedicated to the study of pain and mobility, with the practical application of helping her patients function, move, and live better. As a competitive child gymnast suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and then contracting a severe bone-eating infection later in life, Ashley was driven to find efficient ways to treat her debilitating chronic pain. Ashley’s passion for healing herself and others sparked the creation of multiple-location athletic therapy centers centered around her patent-pending method. Trained therapists, orthopedic and chiropractic doctors corrected physical deficiencies so that the patients could play their sport better than before.

Channeling her extensive practical knowledge beyond brick and mortar walls, Ashley developed professional Fascia education and tools so that practitioners across the USA could achieve better patient outcomes. In particular, ecstatic patients demanded access to the Professional FasciaBlaster, leading the push to go mass-market.

Pro-athletes, celebrities, and millions of people worldwide have improved their quality of life with the patented FASCIABLASTER systems and Ashley Black's continuous fascia research.

Ashley Black's Experience