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I am soooooooo stoked 🤙 to introduce to you our Crown Jewel FasciaBlaster tool for 2020. The Mini Paddle with Flusher. In a poll we took about a year ago, we asked all of you what new product you really wished you had. Overwhelmingly, of all the new products I could design, you gals wanted a Mini Paddle AND you wanted a Flusher! YOU ASKED FOR IT, YOU GOT IT! So, I made an all in one product that has the Mini Claws for effective FasciaBlasting AND our new feature... the Flushing Edge!

Why mini paddle?


Everyone LOVES the PaddleBlaster for full body blasting, but for arms, tossing it over the shoulder, and easily blasting calves and hip flexors, the Mini Paddle Flusher makes those techniques and many more a breeze, all while addressing the surface layers of fascia with rows of Mini Claws. Here are just some of the benefits from blasting the surface layers of our fascia with the Mini Claws. Hello healthy tissue and beautiful skin!*

Ashley Black Mini PaddleBlaster Product Features Ashley Black Mini PaddleBlaster Product Features
Ashley Black Guru - Crystal

#BlasterSister CRYSTAL

“I love it!! The ability to blast, carve, and flush all in 1 tool. The angles of the claws when you lean the tool creates so many different sensations.”

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Why flushing?


The Flushing Technique is something I have been talking about for years. I first heard of it when I worked with professional athletes. They wanted a “quick and light” massage to get the fluids moving after the game, to make sure the inflammation caused by the sport wasn’t left stagnant. Since the inception of the FasciaBlaster, I personally flush after my FasciaBlaster treatments whenever I have time, and recommend this technique to all of you. Using the FasciaBlaster can cause temporary inflammation, especially if you have a vigorous session. This can be a good thing because it’s actually part of the healing process. However, moving the fluids out and to the “trash” receptacles (the lymph nodes), of the body is also desired! Hence–– The Flushing Technique. Simply rub the Flusher side of the Mini Paddle up and down gently. That’s it, only a minute or so per area.

The way I designed the Flusher edge is also really unique because it can serve as an “adhesion seeking” instrument. You can run the Flusher in long lines up and down your body to feel “bumps” or hard tissues. The bumps you feel will be much more obvious than when you use the claws of a FasciaBlaster. These are the areas you will want to blast and “nugget” (read our step by step guide) more vigorously. You can use the flusher to find the tissue “clumps”, and then check to see how your progress is going. Hard bumps of facially adhered tissue are not normal! We should be smooth and supple! It’s like sanding wood… we want all of it smooth!

Remember what’s “pretty on the outside” is actually pretty on the inside! We are not talking about a band aid fix, we are talking about regenerating tissue (as found in our peer reviewed and published research)!* The Mini Paddle Flusher is the perfect starter tool, or as an addition to your FasciaBlasting toolbox!

Ashley Black Guru - Nikki

#BlasterSister NIKKI

“I found it wonderful on my arms too and achieved blood flow I have never managed before on the underside of my arms - I think it is just the shape and leverage that makes that possible. On my stomach, I used the side to flush and that worked well, so I would recommend that too.”

Buy now Buy Mini PaddleBlaster 1™ $59

So, what's the deal?


Buy now Buy Mini PaddleBlaster 1™ $59
Ashley Black Guru

For those who follow The Ashley Black Experience, you know that this will be a sellout! If you even THINK you might want the special introductory deal, buy NOW! Early for Black Friday! And at the very least get on the waitlist! These are gonna go like hot cakes, and I want all my insiders to get the special price and you get it quicker! Next round will not come in until spring of 2021! Get yours! With interest free financing and 1000 day guarantee you have nothing to lose!


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