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Stubborn belly fat?

If someone asks, “What can I do about this stubborn belly fat?”, the typical answers that come to mind are:











Fat Freezing


I will say without question that diet, exercise, microbiome and hormone health are all things that everyone should be mindful of, not just for a nice flat stomach, but for the health of our cells and overall well-being! I talk about all these categories on a regular basis! Not co-signing on the latter two because of their effect on fascia, but that’s for another rant.

#blastersister Sarah

#BlasterSister Sarah

“Yes, I eat clean 90% of the time, watch my calories and macros and exercise but I’ve been doing that since January. So no change except continue what I’ve been doing and blast! Want to add that I had two big babies and will be 54 in a few weeks so nothing is impossible.”

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FasciaBlasting works on belly fat in 2 new ways!

It’s easier than you think!

Spot reduces fat


Did you know that in peer reviewed and published science of the FasciaBlaster tools, the participants lessened subdermal fat (the fat below the skin), without an overall reduction in body fat. Now we would have loved to see every participant lose a little overall body fat, but they were specifically instructed to NOT change their diet as we really wanted to see what JUST the FasciaBlaster tools alone could do.

Releasing pockets of fat


In my TED Talk , I speak about how the fat takes on the shape of the fascia. I even go on to say that if your fascia is shaped like Mickey Mouse then your fat will be shaped like Mickey Mouse. Now I’ve never seen that (LOL), but I have seen fascia that is bound into “pouches”, and I’ve even seen indents from buttons on jeans. So smoothing fascia allows fat to re-distribute in a beautiful way.

Testimonial BlasterSister


“Hydrate, heat, blast and flush. I also take a week off once a month for healing and Epsom salt bath on the weekend. I try to follow this routine, but I don’t punish myself if I can’t here and there - just know tomorrow is a new day. It took me a few months to find what worked for me - when to blast, how long, how hard, heat no heat. Light and brisk is what I have been doing.”

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#blastersister Robin

#BlasterSister Robin

“I had tried everything else and this was my last option before a tummy tuck. I truly expect to be disappointed and I am completely shocked by the results! I had hip surgery almost 2 years ago and I fell off the exercise wagon. All I do now is about 2 miles a day on the treadmill to keep my weight down. I honestly can’t remember the last time I did a sit up or plank. Here are my results after just 2 months of blasting for a few minutes while I’m in the shower. I can not thank you enough Ashley Black!!!”

Buy now BUY Mini Box $119

I can't make it any more affordable people

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The most used tool for abs is the Mini 2. It’s the perfect size to really traverse the abs up and down, side to side and across. You can easily hold it in one hand, and you only need minutes a day to get the job done! (step by step guide). Also included is our Fat Blasting Blaster Oil™ infused with patented ingredients. I’m also throwing in my book, because you NEED some basic education on the fabulous world of fascia to make sure you have WORRY FREE blasting. And for when you’re done, a Back/Abs KryoPack to cool down and complete the process.

Buy now BUY Mini Box $119

See how to use the Mini 2 on your abs 👇

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