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KryoPacks and KryoMats

Ashley’s New Obsession

For those of you who follow me, I’ve been in the holistic game for a long time. In my many years of working with top athletes and celebrities throughout the world, I’ve found that there are a few common threads–– one of those being cold therapy. Whether it’s bags of ice in a cold metal tub, Game Ready machines or a CryoFreeze, every one of them has understood the importance of a “cool down”. My personal frustration has always been that these therapies are often inconvenient and expensive, so I wanted to change that with the invention of the AB KryoPacks and KryoMats.

I’ve always been fascinated with ancient cultures and their modes of healing and knowledge, and I believe we’ve strayed too far away from foundational principles that keep us healthy and happy. Things like eating vegetation from topsoil rich plants, and ancient practices like the Chinese energy healing of Chi Gong. I think many ancient cultures were doing a lot RIGHT! Many people don’t know that cold therapy dates way back! In fact, as early as the seventeenth century BCE, cold therapy was mentioned in an ancient Egyption medical text known as the Edwin Smith Papyrus, which was named after the dealer who purchased it in 1862. Making my new KryoPacks and KryoMats even cooler! (pun intended)

To steal the words of ‘Iceman’ {Hof} we have lost "the ability of our body to adapt to extreme temperature and survive within our natural environment." I second that sentiment, and I believe that FasciaBlasting and Kryotherapy can help us get back to our true nature. Needless to say, I am so proud to bring these new products into your life as part of doing things better! 💕

Ashley Black Guru

#BlasterSister Darlene

"I am still seeing changes from using the kryo packs after blasting!!! I’ve been blasting my tummy using the paddleblaster as well as the mini 2 for about 4 minutes then I apply the low Back and Ab wrap kryo pack along with the waist wrap kyro pack for about 10 minutes after!! I can’t wait to see more changes!!! Thank you Ashley for giving me the tools to make things happen!!"

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The 1-2-3 punch for FAT

YEP! Relax and burn fat

KryoPacks and KryoMats

We all have brown fat tissues that use energy and actively burn calories.

Cold is great at turning calories into heat. When we expose ourselves to cold, our brown fat tissue burns calories to keep us warm. Studies show that cold therapy stimulates the brown fat activity in our bodies, causing us to burn calories. Up to an 80% increase in metabolic rate was detected in one survey, comparing people exposed to cold vs warmer temperatures. A higher metabolic rate, again, means we burn more calories.

This is also true with FasciaBlasting. In a peer reviewed and published study of the FasciaBlaster tools, we saw an increase in metabolic rate, complimenting the use of KryoPacks and KryoMats.

Blaster Oil Technology

This is the perfect complement to our Blaster Oil because it’s patented technology has been shown to convert stubborn white fat cells into brown fat cells to promote fat “melting”.

Ashley Black Guru


And any Blaster fan knows that the FasciaBlaster has shown in it’s own peer reviewed science to reduce fat at the site of blasting. So now you have 3 ways to reduce fat scientifically, in addition to a healthy diet and exercise. Just Blast with BlasterOil and apply KroPack or KryoMat afterwards. You 1-2-3 punch routine for FAT!

Reduce Inflammation

From the Outside in, and Inside out!

From the outside in, exposure to cold raises the production of adiponectin in the body, a protein that helps reduce inflammation. In addition, it works by reducing blood flow to a particular area, which can significantly reduce inflammation and swelling that causes pain, especially around a joint or a tendon. It can temporarily reduce nerve activity, which can also relieve pain. This is amazing, because we can instantly blast then apply KryoPacks or KryoMats for relief in a hurry! Perfect for our busy lives.

A reduction in inflammation with KryoPacks and KryoMats is the perfect companion to FasciaBlasitng because the FasciaBlaster tools have shown in peer reviewed and published science to reduce inflammation from the INSIDE. We saw a reduction in the blood marker, the C-reactive protein, expressing as systemic inflammation. So combining KryoPacks and KryoMats with FasciaBlasting is a powerful combination for decreasing inflammation, which is at the heart of so many of our systemic issues. Now you have solutions that work quickly and effectively without medicating.

Ashley Black Guru

#BlasterSister Joy

"The kryo packs are a nice compliment to my routine. With the cold therapy i don't bruise as much and I recover faster."

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Recover quicker

Take the “ouch” out of your workouts

As we all age, workouts become more challenging and we need solutions that let us push ourselves without pain. A study of 360 people, who rested or immersed themselves in cold water after intense exercise, found 24-minute cold water baths (50 – 59 °F) stopped sore muscles developing. So you can use your KryoPacks and KryoMats to help you recover quicker and age more easily.

This type of recovery goes beautifully with FasciaBlasting, because FasciaBlasting is great at getting the fluids moving and getting the toxins out. Combining FasciaBlasting with KryoPacks and KryoMats will be a powerful combination for fighting our soreness due to fatigue.

Ashley Black Guru


“I start my day with a face pack from the fridge to brighten my eyes and perk my skin and maintain the 5-10 min kryo usage daily on the body parts I blasted or worked out that day. It has been the most visible change I have ever found from a self care tool this quickly. Adding them to my blasting routine is leading to true healing on a deeper level. These are a forever tool for me along with my blasters.”

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Manage sugar

A new way to take control

As well as helping reduce inflammation, the wonder protein, adiponectin, also helps regulate blood glucose levels. Cold exposure can increase adiponectin production by up to 70% according to one study. It’s been found that cold therapy can improve the body’s response to insulin, clearing glucose from the blood quicker. Too much sugar isn’t good for anyone, but with cold therapy you can at least know your body is able to deal with it easier.

I’ve always been an advocate for a low glycemic diet, and preach about how bad sugar is for FASCIA. In fact, if you haven’t read my blog about the microbiome and the FODMAP diet, it’s a great read, and would be a great addition to your FasciaBlasting and KryoPacks and KryoMats routine as part of an overall holistic approach to life.

KryoPacks and KryoMats

Get yours today!!

I wanted to make sure we have all the bases covered. I designed all these KryoPacks to meet your FasciaBlaster needs. My KryoPacks are not like regular cold packs, they are “squishier” and more full to push into the skin and sculpt around the anatomy for maximum cold penetration. Many strap on for the ultimate convenience. I absolutely LOVE the small KryoMat included in this kit to cover large single surface areas, to lay on with your whole spine or roll up behind your neck!