FasciaYoga is an at-home program designed to simulate assisted stretching.

All you need is the $35 ball that can be used for FasciaYoga, FasciaMechanics, and FasciaBlasting!

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Fascia Yoga

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What does FasciaYoga do?

What does FasciaYoga do?
  • ✓ Stretch the fascial and muscle fibers

  • ✓ Increase range of motion, blood flow, muscle performance, and neurological activity

  • ✓ Decrease soft tissue tension, restriction, and adhesions

  • ✓ Stretch the body in a whole new way and allow for completely different planes of movement

  • ✓ Tractioning to open and create space between joints and tissues and allow for fascia line stretching

  • ✓ Neural stretching and flossing allows you to glide in and out of stretches as the fascia layers glide over and in-between the muscles

  • ✓ Changes the state of the fascia, makes it more pliable, and allows it to be more receptive to remodeling

  • ✓ Ability for beginner to advanced variations and levels of stretching

  • ✓ Enhances other fitness and stretching programs

What makes FasciaYoga different?

  • ✓ A totally new spin on the age-old discipline of stretching and tractioning

  • ✓ Designed to simulate being stretched and tractioned by a therapist

  • ✓ Designed to stretch the fascia as well as the muscles

  • ✓ FasciaYoga positions were designed to allow each stretch to be done in traction

  • ✓ The ball alleviates the floor as a limiting factor, allowing for more range of motion and ease of gliding in and out of each stretch

  • ✓ Designed for all ages, fitness levels, and abilities, with modifications for beginners or for any limitation

  • ✓ Designed by Ashley Black, expert in Fasciology and biomechanical performance, who has dedicated 2 decades to fascia research and has brought the awareness of fascia to the masses with her inventions, the FasciaBlaster® tools.

What makes FasciaYoga different?

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Legal Disclaimer: All claims and results within are based on years of anecdotal evidence. The company is currently studying claims for scientific validation. The FasciaBlaster is a Class 1 medical device. Research and product claims have not been reviewed by the US Food and Drug Administration. © Copyright 2015-2022 | Ashley Diana Black International Holdings, LLC An Ashley Black Company

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