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For less than a fifth of the cost of ONE Botox® or filler treatment, you can get this entire face kit! Packed with deal and… SCIENCE! 🧪

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I’ve had enough, in a good way, of people “not believing” the results of the FaceBlaster! Believe me, I go DANGGGGGGG when I see the pics too! It’s awesome! Y'all are forcing me to drop some serious science on you today! LOL ❤️ 🧪

So much is misunderstood about how to tighten skin. I don’t care if the sagging skin is turkey necks, jowls, droopy eyelids, neck circles etc. It’s all skin! The FaceBlaster and the products I designed to go with it {1} TIGHTEN and BRIGHTEN the skin… PERIOD. And it’s all SCIENCE baby!

I’m 48, so this is no joke for me 😃! I spend so much of my time reading scientific papers to find out the real mechanisms for skin tightening. The FaceBlaster addressing skin tightening is discussed extensively in the FaceBlaster Blog, so if you’re not familiar with it click here to read more.

Also, absorbing nutrients fascia is huge for skin health, which I discuss extensively in my Microbiome Blog, so if you’re not familiar with it click here to read more.

For this newsletter and blog, I’m breaking it down even more and want to talk about
Collagen Production, Kryotherapy, and Topicals. I put a special kit together, that I hope will just be too good to turn down. I believe in this kit so much, I think this is going to be my entire Christmas list! I hope you love it

Ashley Black Guru
Ashley Black Guru


“Before and after 5 months of somewhat consistent blasting, and I’m 61. Can’t believe I’m posting OR telling my age! These photos are not scientific, different lighting, etc. but both are without makeup and in natural light. “Before” is mid-morning with dry hair and “after” is after sauna with wet hair a couple of days ago in the afternoon.”

Buy now BUY FACE LIFT KIT $149

Collagen Production


Let me be CLEAR. PRODUCING collagen, is completely different to TAKING collagen. I am so often asked about taking collagen supplements, and I even have some collagen powder that I add to my green juice, BUT I am a “science” girl. One comment in a forum really stood out and makes sense to me, so I can share it with you.

“Collagen is a protein that will be broken down into its constituent aminoacids in your stomach; and, after digestion, there won’t be any memory of the way those aminoacids were once tied together to form that protein” {2}

Maybe that’s true maybe it’s not, but it poses a good point that microbiome can change the molecular structure of what we ingest.

I am NOT discouraging anyone from taking collagen supplements or bone broth … do you boo. I just don’t want there to be any confusion, what we are saying is that with FasciaBlasting you are MAKING IT NOT TAKING IT. And this seems to make us AWESOME, because there is VERY LITTLE scientific about other ways to PRODUCE collagen. Yeah BlasterSister 🎉

Here’s how we know! {3} FasciaBlasting has shown to increase collagen production in the blood 🩸 This is HUGE. {4} And in a Healthtline article it states “the interesting thing about collagen is that stimulating it’s growth causes a domino effect. The more you have, the more your body is able to produce and maintain. Double yeah! 🎉

FasciaBlasting is a VOID in the understanding of collagen production!!! Just Google “how to produce more collagen?” You will certainly read about healthy foods, which I am ALL FOR, but blasting is a DIRECT PATH to collagen production. This is, in part, because the skin is predominantly type 1 collagen…let me repeat, the skin is predominately type 1 collagen. You want tight skin… Type 1 is what you need!

In scientific research {5}, the PICP marker for Type 1 collagen is the measurement in the blood. The national institute of health validates this in their study citing:

“Carboxyterminal propeptide, deriving and cleaved from procollagen type I (PICP) during collagen synthesis, is delivered into the blood, where it can be measured.”

In peer reviewed and published 3rd party studies of the FasciaBlaster we saw a statistically significant increase of the PICP marker. No arguing… no questioning… #FACT. Type 1 collagen increases! 💥
Check out the graph below, with data taken directly from the study!


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This is why I included the MasterBlaster in the kit this week, because it has small claws that can stimulate all the amazing systems at the skin level and close to the surface.

Systems like:


First Layer of Fascia

The Lymphatic system

The Blood to the Skin

The Peripheral Nerves


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“48yo. Same bathroom. Same two lights turned on. Slightly tanned. Attempted the same smirk. I wish I took a before pic of my vulture neck, which is almost gone. Folks have noticed a longer neck during video calls. Others have noticed slimmer face and youthful look. When blasting my face, I do face/chin/neck/scalp/chest with face blaster only.”

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In all my years of treating professional athletes and working with models, I’ve had an obsession and frustration with cold therapy. Cold therapy has many benefits in science included but not limited to:{5}

Skin feels revitalized, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

Lightens dark areas under the eyes.

Instant anesthetic effect from skin inflammations.

Blood vessels and skin pores dilate, therefore the absorption and effectiveness of creams are increased. HELLO 👋

Release of hormones triggering oxygenated blood supplies to the skin with nutrients from the superficial layer. And enhanced by the blood flow of FaceBlasting

My LOVE is for the benefits, my frustration is with how difficult and expensive finding good cold therapy is. I designed my KryoPacks with maximum “squish” to press into the skin and push the cold deeper into dermis layers. The filling is also colder than most packs if stored properly in a cold freezer. This ain’t like putting a bag of peas on your face! This is the real deal. And I am including The Whole Face, the Eye Mask AND the adjustable pack for any area you like for your home “face lift”.

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“WOW - Just finished testing the Jaw KryoPack. The KryoPacks changed my FasciaBlasting by taking my after care to whole new level. Who knew 5 minutes of cooling would make such a difference! My Routine: Blast my face 3 times a week for 2 to 3 minutes. Tools I Used: Face Blaster, Face Care Kit (cleanser, oil and after blaster cream), Jaw KryoPack.”

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The Afterblaster Cream™ is light and airy and absorbs quickly allowing you to oil, blast, cream and go. The AfterBlaster Cream™ is chocked full of amazing complementary ingredients and one special ingredient that is backed by our love for science.

AfterBlaster Cream™ IngredientsTighten and Stabilize Skin!

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The special ingredient is an oat derived plant scientifically proven to tighten and firm skin.

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Soothe and stabilize the skin:
Infused with arnica

Ashley Black Guru

Restore and renew after FasciaBlasting:
Infused with vitamin E and aloe vera

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“Wow...amazed. One week of blasting. Incredible. Blasted 4 times with Ashley’s 4 faceblaster oils/lotions that come with the faceblaster. They are great. And smell nice too.”


“It was so hard for me NOT to blast my face daily because I felt so “awake” after blasting if that makes sense? I don’t necessarily have a strict routine. I blast when I have time, about 3-4 times/week and have been drinking a lot more water too! I am in LOVE with my face blaster. Now if I could just be more consistent with my original blaster (P.S yes I am wearing mascara in the second picture, but no makeup. I don’t wear foundation).”

Ashley Black Guru
Ashley Black Guru


“I have been blasting since Aug. 2016, although I took the first photo in Oct. 2016. I believe consistency is key. I was not always consistent, imagine if I were, where I’d be. I do have makeup but I think there is no denying the lifting that is occurring. I do not look nearly as tired. It is working! Blast on!”

Buy now BUY FACE LIFT KIT $149

Check out our Blaster Sisters in action!

I hope you are as excited about this amazing INSIDERS SPECIAL as I am designing it. We have a limited number of KryoPacks, so make sure to jump on this ASAP. I have so much passion to help all of you with our skin health. We want magic to turn back the hands of time, and this is as close as I could get… so far! But I will always be inventing for you ladies and I’m committed to your education!Blast on!

Love and Light,

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* Currently we only have a fragrance-free available. Same formulation, zero fragrance.

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