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Dear Blaster Family,

As we all go through changes in life, it is important that we keep a clear mind and calm our nervous system! I am here to give you a few pointers about how in minutes a day you can:

🧠 Increase temporary blood flow to the brain

👩 Loosen muscles locally around the neck, jaw and head

😬 Calm the fight or flight signal so your whole body can relax

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Let's start with your brain!

Your body is more amazing than you know!

Ashley Black Guru - Start with your brain!

Have you ever seen a brain before the fascia has been cleared away? The entire brain is surrounded and penetrated by fascia! It’s INCREDIBLE! And since the veins and arteries are housed in the fascia as well, it’s important that we keep the flow to the brain, and from the brain moving right along! After all, the blood is what carries oxygen and other important nutrients to every part of our body. Blood comes from our internal carotid artery, and our external carotid arteries and their branches, that are situated in the muscles and the … let’s say it together… FASCIA!

To give you an example, it’s like not wanting a kink in your water hose. So, what can we do about it? Grab that FaceBlaster and lightly blast the entire head, temples and jaw! Release the vice grip on the jaw joint by using the trigger point technique – “poke and wiggle, wiggle” on all the intersections of fascia on the scalp. Super easy and only takes minutes.

Ashley’s tip: to blast the scalp, slide the face blaster into a plastic baggie or a fabric sunglasses case and do little “scrubs” instead of large strokes! You can feel relief of the fascia on the head almost immediately! I always Blast my head before making decisions, if I want to feel creative or if a situation causes some tension!

The secret is in the neck

Blast that Tension AWAY!

So, besides the head, we have to consider WHERE in the heck the tension is coming from that clamps on the roots of the blood. Lots of things can “cause it” but you want to be able to calm the “knots” that are a result of muscle fibers tensing and getting stuck there by the fascia!

MedlinePlus Encyclopedia says: “Tension headaches occur when neck and scalp muscles become tense or contract. The muscle contractions can be a response to stress, depression, head injury or anxiety." 😫😫😫

Let’s do something about it! Disarming the upper traps and neck is super simple with the FaceBlaster and the nugget.

Ashley Black Guru - Start with your brain!
Ashley Black Guru - Blastersister Avalon

#BlasterSister Avalon

“I have been blasting regularly since January 2020. I started off with the face blaster which I use about 1 to 3 times a week on my face. Since January I have noticed a great improvement! The aches and pains I normally feel in my intense headaches and my anxiety has been relieved as well! I highly recommend people who suffer from sensitive nervous systems to give it a go, as it helps get that blood flowing and relieves my stresses.”

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Deep breath

Let it go and let it flow!

The amazing nervous system transmits signals back and forth from the brain to the body triggering reactions. All of our nerves are encased in and protected by fascia, so it is super important that the signal can get through. It’s like making sure all the wires are plugged in properly to your entertainment system.

So even when we are just blasting our heads and necks and traps, we can calm the nervous system! Why do you think spas feature scalp massages?! Time to treat yourself to some LOVE at home!

Ashley Black Guru - Upper Skeleton
Ashley Black Guru - Blastersister Faye

#BlasterSister Faye

“I’m coming up on two years using the blaster products. It was the “ball” that started rolling for me. Ironically, I got the product because of headaches and tension as well as issues running down my arm. Fasciablasting has totally helped with those issues and grew into so much more. I love the new lifestyle and thank Ashley for being a big inspiration in my journey.”

Buy now DE-STRESS PACK $149

I’ve got the perfect pack

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Ashley Black Guru
Buy now DE-STRESS PACK $149

Join our group of amazing women who support each other through blasting and LIFE!

Love and Light,

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Contributing writer and our founder: Ashley Black

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