Collagen and Fascia

Produce collagen naturally

Sexy legs

A nice byproduct of Collagen Production

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is linked to skin health, joint health, bone health, muscle growth, and heart health.

#blastersister Yvonne

“These results are during 1 year of blasting. My 61-year-old legs now look amazing. Blast 3x a week with my Mini2 in the shower for 10 mins total for both legs. Hope this encourages the ladies that need it. Keep blasting ! ! ! ! Thank you, Ashley”
#BlasterSister Yvonne

I love Yvonne’s testimony because you can tell so easily that she did not gain or lose weight, and that this result is 100% the FasciaBlaster tools doing their magic. You can see visible smoothing of the fascia, and the skin has all the tell-tale signs of a collagen increase, such as vitality and youthfulness ! You can have great legs at any age !Over a million users can’t be wrong !

It’s not Snake Oil

it's Science

A peer-reviewed and medically published, 90-day study of using the FasciaBlaster, shows that PICP (a collagen protein in connective tissue) levels increased. BOOM ! A collagen increase in the blood 🩸. You can also see the beautiful new collagen fibers so clearly from the after pic in the scientific study.

90 days of fasciablasting

You Can’t imagine how good it feels

to be in Control

Collagen is resorbable

Collagen is resorbable. This means it can be broken down, converted, and absorbed back into the body.

Collagen occurs throughout the body

Collagen occurs throughout the body, but especially in the connective tissue - fascia

Collagen production declines with age

Collagen production declines with age. Or does it have to? 😉

#blastersister Laura

“I have been a devoted blaster since 2/17. I started blasting due to severe calf pain and the blaster cured my calf pain in the first week of use. I am a former half-marathon runner with a history of scoliosis with resultant alignment problems and Fascia damage/severe cellulite since about 11 years old.
I perform full-body Fascia blasts for at least 1 hour 2-3 times per week. I heat in a small utility room with a space heater and heat lamps. I mainly use the paddle blaster and master blaster as small claws are best for my legs and butt. I flush afterward and take a cool shower.
I have many years to go but I feel so much better each year and I truly know that my severely damaged Fascia is finally healing little by little. Thank you Ashley Black for helping us heal our bodies. #Blaster for life !”
#BlasterSister Laura

FasciaBlasting is so easy ! It only takes a few minutes daily!
Brush your teeth, brush your hair, brush your fascia !


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Beginner Kit

Allow yourself, layer by layer, to create collagen and the VITALITY your body deserves ! I included ensuring success… Kit includes Spot Kryopack, my #1 national best-selling book to use as a quick reference guide, my fat burning blaster oil, the FasciaBlaster, a large claw tool that addresses the fascia into the deeper, muscle fascial tissue, the Nugget which can be used with one hand for deep blasting, and a FaceBlaster for your face or any small area for surface blasting 

Collagen muscle

Get started !

It works if you work it !

When you can see inside the leg, it makes it so easy to understand. The FasciaBlaster tools start remodeling at the surface and over time just get deeper and deeper and better and better ! Check out the animation hereand see how simple FasciaBlasting can be !

Skin,fat and muscle

It's my life's mission

to help women love being inside their bodies !

I hope you will become a #BlasterForLife today. This could be the last day you ever feel frustrated about your body again ! Join our group of over 350, 000 real users, and let us inspire you, today.


It's my life's mission


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