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Ashley Black Guru - Budget Box kit

Dear Blaster Family,
I am STOKED about my new BUDGET BOX! I can’t wait to tell you about it!

I love #BlasterSister Timberley, a pastor who was given a grim medical prognosis. She bought the tools for that reason, but FasciaBlasting became the catalyst, and still remains a major aspect of helping her to build ongoing hope and confidence! I can literally see the pain leaving her face, the postural changes, the body shaping but most profound is that her energy is electric in the after pics! She exudes elegance, grace and CONFIDENCE! #BlasterForLife

#blasterSister Timberley


"I originally started FasciaBlasting to relieve tension headaches that stopped me in my tracks. Then I transitioned to body blasting for joint relief and I am happy to report I am totally out of my discomfort. Now I am using the tools for sculpting and I feel more encouraged today than ever because I have the healing power of FasciaBlasting!"

Buy now Buy Budget Box $165

All you need is a plan

...and the proper tool kit

I love this kit so much, and I’m excited to tell you why! For those of you who don’t know “best practices for FasciaBlasting”, ideally, I would like you to have tools that have:

Big Claws Tools

Big Claws

Small Claws Tools

Little Claws

Point Tools

Refining Tips

The CHEAPEST combination of Blaster Tools that includes ALL 3 FEATURES is the Mini 2 and the FaceBlaster, included in the Budget Box. It is my mission...

Buy now Buy Budget Box $165

But wait there’s more

No-seriously there is!

All emotions are beautiful, but let's be honest, feeling overwhelmed can suck. So I wanted to give you a little taste of everything, AND I'm going to be your personal success coach! I also brought the roadmap. Don’t let the cover confuse you, this book is like the fascia bible. You can easily read it straight through, or use it as a Quick Reference Guide!

Book+Movie Tape

Accessories YASSSSS!

Just to make sure you have all you need

Kryo Pack and Oil

I spent over a year with chemists to achieve the perfect alchemy for my BlasterOil® infused with fat burners. I also included an Ashley Black’s KryoPack™ Spot for after blasting cooling! This Budget Box is BIG BANG FOR THE BUCK! There’s no right or wrong way to FasciaBlast, except NOT blasting at all! It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives and bodies, it’s what we do consistently. 5-10 minutes per day is all you need to get on your way to a paradigm shift! The results will come!

#blasterSister Bitner


"I was in a dark place, I was constantly uncomfortable, and that made me sad about everything. EVERYTHING THAT I WAS MISSING, and anything that I couldn’t do, or wanted to participate in with my family and couldn’t. I have always said… It doesn’t happen overnight until it does. AND If you are on the fence, JUMP IN. LADIES I never thought I would be able to do the things I am doing. I am riding a bike like a pro, and if you know me...THAT is a big deal. Not only is it hard to pedal, because I don’t have the tendons on the bottom of my feet, but I’ve had eight surgeries so getting muscles to work correctly or not cramp up on me.
It’s LIKE A NEW LIFE. I've even changed my career to become a FasciaBlaster professionally. #BlasterForLife"

Buy now Buy Budget Box $165

Find an accountability buddy here

Welcome to the sisterhood

To follow all the BlasterSisters, click here.

Timberley’s journey blog

To follow Timberley’s journey, check out her spiritual blog. I read it and find it very motivational.

CC Bitner - @Fashed_Up

To enjoy CC Bitner, follow her journey on Instagram and Twitter @Fashed_Up

Love and Light,

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