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Blaster Pod™ Kits

The OMG Product 😱😱😱

Our First AUTOBLASTER! Introducing Ashley Black’s™ Blaster Pod™ for Feet


Dear Blaster Family,

When you ask… I listen. Every Blaster has the fantasy of automatic FasciaBlasters that you can just lie down and relax and they do all the work. Well we’re not totally there… yet, but I have designed an amazing AutoBlaster for your feet! This is like NO PRODUCT you’ve ever experienced before. And like all my products, if it’s not scientifically proven, I DON’T MAKE IT!

Ashley Black's Experience
Ashley Black's Experience

"You’re going to want to hear about this"
- Al Roker

No work, just sit and enjoy

Adjustable pressure from light to INTENSE

Chinese medicine principles to balance the body

Take the Blaster pod™ for Feet quiz

Do your feet ache at the end of the day?


Do you have imbalances like a rotated hip or elevated shoulder?


Are you out of time in the day for self-care?


Do you have trouble reaching your feet?


Do you wear uncomfortable shoes or heels or spend long hours standing?


If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, you are the perfect customer for my new AutoBlaster Pod™ for Feet.

✔️ Simply slip your feet into the Blaster Pod™

✔️ ‘Blow up’ the unit to mash your feet into the pressure point knobs at your desired pressure

✔️ Relax while you enjoy the most amazing foot massage.

Keep reading on to learn about the fascia of the feet and what you can do to address it.

Ashley Black's Experience

#BlasterSister Lindy

"I hadn't even realized the difference in size! I'm truly shocked! I've had this sucker for 25 years and I can't believe how much smaller it is right now. I'm truly amazed. I blast my feet a couple times a week for just a few minutes and give a little extra attention to my big toe - but that is all I do (as far as my feet go I blast my entire body a couple times a week). Thank you Ashley Black for this amazing gift and for being so passionate about sharing it and your wisdom."

Ashley Black's Experience
Ashley Black's Experience

#BlasterSister Kelley

"My feet are in heaven! I didn't realize how hurt my feet were. It's a must for me now and taking my foot care to a whole other level. My whole family is also enjoying it!"

Ashley Black's Experience

#BlasterSister Crystal

" After a long day being on my feet at work. I look forward to going home and using the Blaster Pod. It helps with my aches and pains. It hits all of my trouble areas. I love that I can sit down and relax, while the pod does all the work.The heat option is definitely a bonus. My athletic teen son enjoys it as well. Make sure you get yours."

Ashley Black's Experience

#BlasterSister Ari

"I have been fortunate enough to be testing out Ashley Black’s new Blaster Pod For Feet! I love how lightweight and portable it is, with handles built in on each side, so I can easily carry it around from room to room and use it wherever I may wish."

Ashley Black's Experience Ashley Black's Experience

What we KNOW about Healthy Feet

The feet are the base of support for the body. One small discrepancy can throw off the alignment of the entire body.

In Chinese medicine the feet are at the heart and soul of treatments. Reflexology stimulates the Qi or energy to corresponding body parts.

Foot massages can often be painful.

What we might NOT know about Healthy feet and FASCIA

Most fascia lines run from the feet up the rest of the body. Adding FasciaBlasting and the Blaster Pod™ to your routine can release tension on the entire fascia system. [1]

The fascia is the most electric system of the body. The Qi runs along the fascia lines of the body. Yongquan points on the feet are believed to pull energy from the Earth and distribute it to the body. It is important that there are no “blockages” in the fascia. The Blaster Pod™ massages the Qi of the feet. [2]

The fascia is the primary pain sensory organ that houses the nerves. So tight fascia means pain [3]. The Blaster Pod™ is adjustable from very light pressure to more intense for you to gradually increase.

Fascia is nothing new. We’ve known of its existence since DaVinci drew it in the early 1500’s, but our understanding of fascia didn’t begin until the late 19th Century when the founder of the Doctor of Osteopathic (D.O.) medical field, Dr. AT Stills, recognized fascia and it’s importance calling it “the river of life”. There have since been pockets of gurus and body workers around the globe making contributions to the study of fascia and in Asia, deep foot massages are performed at hospitals. We are the leading company solely focused on your fascia care! Especially the care of your tootsies.

Ashley Black's Experience

No Work

Massages Fascia

Can go deep



Massages Muscles

Targets Reflexology Points

Ashley Black's Experience

foot pod

Ashley Black's Experience

Compression Boot


Ashley Black's Experience

foot rollers

Ashley Black's Experience

feet on top massagers

Ashley Black's Experience

expensive massagers

This radically effective, at-home solution is affordable, easy, and can be done while relaxing or working at your desk. No need for outside treatments, waiting for insurance, getting the runaround, or expensive procedures. Enjoy total relaxation with at home automatic reflexology. Awesome for Post Blast!

Ashley Black's Experience

Insert feet into the Blaster Pod™

Ashley Black's Experience

Select the pressure and adjust as you go

Ashley Black's Experience

Relax and let the Blaster Pod™ do the work

Ashley Black's Experience

Experience relaxed muscles and fascia locally in the feet and an overall sense of empowerment to take your care to the next level.

That’s it? That’s it!

The body of the Blaster Pod™ is sleek in design, portable, and slides under a desk

Ashley Black's Experience
Ashley Black's Experience

Anyone can enjoy a Blaster Pod™ foot massage

Special inflatable mechanism mashes the feet onto the pressure point knobs to allow you to control the pressure. Light and easy or Asian style.

Ashley Black's Experience
Ashley Black's Experience

The Ashley Black rigorous research and development process to ensure success

Ashley Black's Experience

Pressure point knobs strategically designed to target parts of the feet associated with the health of the entire body.

Ashley Black's Experience

Thoroughly tested motor for years of enjoyment to come

We take all the guesswork out. All you need is your Fascia-care Blaster Pod™ or upgrade to a Blaster Pod™ and FasciaBlaster kit for your feet. Just one more way to increase vitality and reclaim your life!


Kickstart your healing with the complete Blaster Pod treatment packages

Ashley Black's Experience

* Blaster Pod is non-refundable

Don’t be a victim of your fascia, or use tools that aren’t designed for, and don’t work on fascia. This makes us feel old and less agile! Take control like a BOSS with the AutoBlaster Pod ™ for Feet!

You’re at the gateway to freedom of movement, freedom from stiffness, and freedom to do the things you love… better!

With over 1.5 Million products sold, professional athlete and celebrity endorsement, a 1000 day guarantee, interest free financing and FREE coaching, what in the heck are you waiting for?

Ashley Black's Experience

The Guide

Our founder, Ashley Black, spent the last 3 decades dedicated to the study of pain and mobility, with the practical application of helping her patients function, move, and live better. As a competitive child gymnast suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and then contracting a severe bone-eating infection later in life, Ashley was driven to find efficient ways to treat her debilitating chronic pain. Ashley’s passion for healing herself and others sparked the creation of multiple-location athletic therapy centers centered around her patent-pending method. Trained therapists, orthopedic, and chiropractic doctors corrected physical deficiencies so that the patients could play their sport better than before.

Channeling her extensive practical knowledge beyond brick and mortar walls, Ashley developed professional Fascia education and tools so that practitioners across the USA could achieve better patient outcomes. In particular, ecstatic patients demanded access to the Professional FasciaBlaster, leading the push to go mass-market.

Pro-athletes, celebrities, and millions of people worldwide have improved their quality of life with the patented FASCIABLASTER systems and Ashley Black's ™ continuous fascia research.