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Knowledge is power

I have found that most of our users who have “failure to launch syndrome”, just need FasciaBlasting simplified. In fact, when we asked our customers specifically, they said they either didn’t fully understand and were afraid to do it wrong, or felt they didn’t have time.

It’s this simple: use on bare skin with oil and simply scrub lightly like you would using a loofah. That’s it!

I am only asking for 5 minutes of your time per day, that’s it. This game changing result is worth 5 minutes a day, and you deserve it! Check out our step by step guide to get you started

Why these tools?

ALL you need to get going

There are 3 tools included for a very simple reason–– they are for varying “depth”. That’s it! Small claws for more surface layers, big claws for deeper layers and the nugget tip for stubborn spots. Easy as 1-2-3!

SMALL CLAWS For Surface Fascia

For super tight, sensitive tissue, or the delicate tissue of the face – start with a small-clawed tool to work light at the surface before moving on. The faceblaster is great for all over the body as well, especially the hands, feet, knees etc., and the Master Blaster is perfect for larger areas like the legs and tight traps.

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Larger claws massage into the myofascial tissue. Myofascial simply means the fascia of the muscles. The claws are bigger and thicker to make this easy. The difference in size and grip is to accommodate leverage for all areas of the body.

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You will receive the nugget as it’s great for on the go use, and will quickly become a favorite! Also great for deep stubborn spots!

You will receive the nugget as it’s great for on the go use, and will quickly become

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Watch me!!!

This is how it works

It’s the mechanism of scrubbing or “brushing” that allows the tools to comb through the fascia. Take just a moment to watch the way fascia can contort the skin, block blood and nerves, and stick to muscles. Then watch how the FasciaBlaster works to reverse this.

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Why Oil and Cream

Anything affordable will do, but these are the best!

The Blaster Oil is infused with a patented fat burning technology and the After Blaster Cream has healing properties and patented skin tightening technology. Read more

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"I blast something every day. If I’ve only got 5 mins in the shower, I blast. I try to do full body blasts 1-2 times a week. I purchased a portable Sauna to start heating up in recently, but have used different ways of heating from heating pads, hot baths, infra red space heater, to sauna Pants. I have added almost every tool to my arsenal now and I use them all. They each have their own benefits and glad to have each one ... from the original fasciablaster, faceblaster, mini2, mini1, Masterblaster and the nugget.. plus I blast with Ashley’s blaster oil and flush with the afterblaster cream.”

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Why books?

Quick reference and Motivation

The #1 National Best Selling Book, is all about fascia! You can even download a free chapter to get started. It’s a no hassle read, and a great reference for worry free blasting. The Companion Guide gives you daily motivation and personal tracking to keep you on your journey to a new health paradigm.

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Safe and Effective

In peer reviewed science, we found that the secret to what we look like on the outside is actually on the inside. Here are the benefits:

A decrease in subcutaneous fat

Fascia smoothing out & reorganizing

A decrease in the apperance of cellulite

A decrease in systemic inflammation

Indications of improved collagen remodeling

Increased metabolism

Overall safety of fascia manipulation devices

And if you want to see what it looks like on the inside, this is one of 33 photos that shows in ultrasound imaging the tissue actually remodeling*. Hello people, a body renovation from the inside out!

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We Care

Our founder Ashley Black explains

Please enjoy Ashley’s Talk where she explains the science and her personal story

Take out any guess work

A simple offer with all you need

Ashley Black Guru Buy now buy beginner kit $129

I hope this simple email will compel you to get started, or motivated to restart! It is my mission and purpose to help every man, woman and child discover the world of fascia! Join me on the journey.

Love and Light,

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