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Dear Blaster Family

When I did a major survey of all you beautiful Goddesses, the two main reasons I found as to why someone didn’t purchase or start their fasciablasting journey, was because of “not knowing what tool to start with” and “not having enough time!” So, we are going to make this SUPER SIMPLE! If you’re like me, you probably struggle with unreal expectations of yourself, or “perfectionist” standards. So let’s do our best to let that go, and work together to get you amazing results!

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Because FasciaBlasting can become part of our user’s life, there’s this weird misconception that you have to blast for years and hours at a time to see results. And while there are users that do this, it’s not the only way! So let’s focus on the million-dollar question “How long does it take to see results?”

Transformation of the week

I love this recent pic from #BlasterSister Esther. This is a 3-month result, in just minutes a day CONSISTENTLY! You can do a few minutes in the shower, Netflix and blast or as part of your morning routine!

Ashley Black Guru - BlasterSister Esther Testimony

#BlasterSister Esther

“I originally saw the FasciaBlaster on Facebook. I wanted to work on my legs but the main reason, the #1 reason was nerve sensitivity down my leg. I went to my spine specialist and physical therapist. The next step was cortisol shots, that I definitely did not want. Of many times having the FasciaBlaster in my cart because I was overthinking, I made up my mind and purchased them. What do I have to lose? I know the pain, the discomfort!!! I was planning on just blasting the nerve running down my leg, but once I read the book everything made so much sense! I blast a different body part almost every day. I usually blast in the shower. If my skin has bruising or is a bit tender, I wait till it heals. I have a few tattoos and they even look brighter! I use the Fasciablaster, Masterblaster, Faceblaster Mini 1, and Mini 2. I use my KryoPacks as well after blasting.”

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I believe when I hear someone say, “I haven’t started yet”, it just means “I’m confused”! So, I’d like you to take just 2 minutes to watch this animation that really explains what is happening on the inside, and how the outside is along for the ride. This video focuses on the MYTH of cellulite, but tissue adhesions can occur anywhere in the body… not just areas that show up on the surface.

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Slow and steady

Wins the FasciaBlasting Race

I love this user’s before and after as well because this is a 4-year result. Sometimes she’s on the wagon and sometimes off! And that’s okay! Every day she’s healthier and you can be too! Isn’t it cool to help your body get BETTER WITH AGE! FasciaBlasting is not a race, it’s a journey, and all the bus stops are PROGRESS.

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“I’ve had this dent all my life. When I look at it and get upset, as if I’m not blasting enough or doing enough, I focus on my progress pictures and find contentment. I remind myself that consistent blasting, whether it’s a 2-minute blast or a 30-minute blast, over time blasting is WORKING. I blast my legs 2 days a week - first I prep with the FaceBlaster, then I go in with a larger claw tool (Mini 2 or Fascia Blaster) then I use the poke wiggle wiggle and crayon technique with the nugget. Looking over my pictures reminds me that I may not be where I want to be but I thank God I’m not where I used to be.”

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The Original Fasciablaster


So many of the results we see are from our original, amazing tool! It works on every area of the body and to this day remains a staple!

Ashley Black Guru - BlasterSister Timberly Testimony

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