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In 2014, when Ashley Black launched the FasciaBlaster, she had no idea what an extraordinary journey her invention would take her on. The humble mission to heal other people quickly developed into a global movement with millions of followers, international media coverage, and professional recognition from prestigious medical bodies.

Who is Ashley?

Ashley Black is a successful business owner, award-winning inventor, and aspiring engineer turned health expert dedicated to creating a healthy work culture marked by diversity, equality, and work-life balance. With over 30 years of experience in fascia research and development, Ashley has raised the bar of fascia science - creating sustainable, cutting-edge products to improve quality of life for both individuals and on a large scale.

Who is Ashley?
Ashley's Life

Ashley's Life

Having raised five thriving adults alongside a booming business empire, Ashley has dedicated her entire life and career to healing––the human body, our beautiful planet, and every soul on it. She moved to Costa Rica full-time three years ago after shipping the last of her beloved children off to college and becoming an empty nester. Since then, she has been immersing herself in the vibrant culture, furthering her spiritual journey, and living in balance with nature. Being a long-time surfer and devout yogi, she couldn’t have picked a better place to nurture her passions.

Ashley Black's and Jordi

“Costa Rica is a wonderful place to learn and evolve while living in harmony with absolutely breathtaking surroundings. I get to discuss my vision for physical health and higher consciousness with like-minded souls that offer invaluable knowledge and inspiration from all over the world while sharing it all with my twin flame, Jordi. With 100 acres of raw jungle smack in the middle of the Blue Zone of the Pacific ocean, our slow-paced daily lives revolve around healthy greenhouse food, walking on dirt roads, chasing waves, and fantasizing about the next chapter. To me, this is paradise on earth.”

- Ashley Black


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