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Any tool is PERFECT to get started, but the Quick Start Kit gives you EVERYTHING you need for every Blaster technique!

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Blaster Back and Legs Kit


  • MasterBlaster™
  • FasciaBlaster®
  • BlasterOil® and AfterBlaster Cream™
The PERFECT kit for Blasting your Back and Legs! The tiny claws of the MasterBlaster are great for prep and carving out definition. The FasciaBlaster is for big areas and deep massage. The BlasterOil® and AfterBlaster CreamTM combo is the perfect compliment to your FasciaBlasting routine and can help take your experience to a whole new level.
The BlasterOil® density and consistency allow the FasciaBlaster® tools to glide smoothly over the skin. It's also infused with a special ingredient that is proven in published studies to activate the fat burning cells in adipose tissue.
The AfterBlaster CreamTM is carefully blended with ingredients that have proven to tighten and firm skin and flatten wrinkles as well as arnica and aloe vera. When these elements are combined, they are the perfect post blast cream to calm and stabilize the skin.

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