The PaddleBlaster is our
biggest tool and the best tool
for full-body blasting in minutes
Complete the system with
Blaster Oil and KryoTherapy
3 rows and 36 claws total, perfect for treating larger body parts like the legs, back, and shoulders, with ease
Greater leverage for fascia issues and more
efficient blasting to do more in less time!
Blaster Oil is specifically designed with natural
agents that help “melt” the fascia and soften
fat for more effective blasting!
Kryo Therapy helps reduce inflammation. Burns fat
away and helps to revitalize your skin naturally!
You need oil to blast, so why not stock
up on the best-in-class Blaster Oil too!
Save over $100 on a three-month supply!
To wrap up the perfect blast,
try our incredible KryoMat
Save $200 and skip the cold plunge!
Dana used the PaddleBlaster
to take back her life!
Hear how this tool changed her journey!
"I started on 11/23/2022. When I received the small paddle blaster and the oil. It is the only thing I have been using. So far I have concentrated on my legs. The smoothing out is incredible! I was so embarrassed wearing shorts. Thank you Ashley, for bringing these tools here! Also. I use to hate it when my knees rubbed against each other. I never would have called it painful. However now that there is no longer any pain at all. I would say it was painful!"
#BlasterSister Dana

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