Week 8 Live Feed - Advanced Fasciablaster Techniques

by Ashley Black

Heart Butt Challenge - Week 8, Advanced FasciaBlaster Techniques

Take Your Heart Butt to the Next Level

We are now DEEP into the Heart Butt Challenge, and this week I want to bring you some more advanced techniques! I can see from our Heart Butt Challenge private group you guys are in it to win it! If you have stubborn areas you want to give some extra focus, these are for you! Before we get to those, a few reminders:

  • If you’re new to using the FasciaBlaster tools, you will start with beginner techniques found HERE.
  • I saved these techniques for WEEK 8 for a reason. It will not help you to jump ahead to advanced techniques before your fascia is ready. That all goes back to understanding how fascia is in layers, and you need to work your way down from the outermost layer.
  • When your tissue is ready for deeper treatment (actually ready!) it will feel good to you. If it doesn’t, try again in another week or two.

We’re going to revisit the ultrasound images from our peer-reviewed, published study in order to understand the layers of fascia and what is going on with deeper dents. I view my job as empowering you with the knowledge, so when you’re working with a part of your body you want to change, you’ll be able to narrow down various factors and clarify your plan. Sometimes that can mean increasing food, lifting more weight, using more AfterBlaster™ cream, and switching things up in your FasciaBlaster routine.

You might want to revisit our Week 3 blog and live feed to review what we’re looking at in these images.

With this ultrasound image, we want to understand the layers of structural fascia and then interstructural fascia down through the muscles. Being able to visualize the layers will help you understand why we use the different tools and techniques, and then you’ll be able to look at what you see on your body, and discern where you may need more surface work with the prep tools and deeper work with the massage tools or refining tools.

If you have a really deep dent, you have to imagine that being deeper in the tissue, which would mean needing to reach deeper with a large-clawed massage tool or nugget. Look at the before ultrasound image and note how the white lines are all tangled up further beneath the surface. The fibers are totally disorganized, when what we want are the beautiful, hydrated, organized fibers.

When we look at that level of a dent, that could go down almost to the femur in the ultrasound. This is what we call a car wreck type situation (read my book for a full explanation of the types of cellulite). If it were at the surface, we’d use a prep tool with small claws. This one we see in the image would take some deeper work with a large-clawed tool and the nugget.

This woman did an amazing job of smoothing out, and if she were one of my personal clients I’d have her work on building muscle throughout her legs and glutes. Building muscle tone from beneath while working on the layers of fascia is a winning combination for those stubborn spots!

How to approach a dent:

  • Start with a Prep Tool. The looser the tissue is before you use the advanced techniques, the better.
  • Go deeper with a Massage Tool. With the larger claws I go below the fat and first layer of muscle, getting down into the second layer of muscle tissue.
  • Get detailed with a Refining Tool. You can use the Nugget tips to do the “poke and wiggle” technique, or push down where you feel the tangled fascia and use it like you would a crayon. Watch the live feed to see these techniques in action!
  • Support your Blasting with our AfterBlaster™ cream which is specially formulated with arnica and other essential ingredients for tissue recovery. You can also utilize massage cups on top of the dents.
  • Make sure to recover! The body is doing lots of inner work during that recovery time! Listen to your body and wait to do your next advanced session until your tissue is ready!

***Remember to ease into using advanced techniques, just as you initially eased into using the FasciaBlaster®. In your first advanced session, you might get deep with a massage tool and choose to end it there for the day. Then, if it feels comfortable to your body, you might add a nugget technique during your next session. You can always start with more time prepping the tissue and a shorter time with advanced techniques while you see how your body reacts.

We’re rounding the corner and heading toward our dream booties! Now that you’re armed with information, you can get even more specific in your approach to REACH YOUR GOALS! Watch the full live feed here and ask your questions in our private challenge group.

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