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HeartButt Week 4 - Surge Your Heart Butt Exercises

Make Your Heart Butt Exercises Even More Effective In the Heart Butt Challenge, we’re all about maximizing our efforts to get the most efficient booty-shaping results. Would you like to make your Heart Butt exercises even more effective?

HeartButt Week 3 - Motivation

How to Tailor your FasciaBlaster Routine for the Heart Butt Challenge FasciaBlasting is a very individual process, deciding what techniques and what amount of pressure work for you. As you consider your personal Heart Butt Challenge plan, I want to empower you to understand what is happening on the inside. Armed with this information, you can adjust your plan as you go through the challenge,...


HeartButt Week 2 - Posture and Your Heart Butt

Posture and Your Heart Butt - It’s way more important than you think! Posture is so important for the health of your fascia! I’ve talked about posture in great detail already. It’s actually incredibly difficult - maybe even impossible - to contract and grow your glute muscles if you don’t correct your posture!

Heart Butt Challenge

Usually, people are interested in the genesis of the Heart Butt Challenge. It all started with this silly photo I took of myself to see my spray tan lines. Years ago, I posted it for inspiration and the “How did you change your shape?” questions started coming! So of course, I wanted all my users to know that they too, can manipulate their bodies in a new way and the Heart Butt Challenge was born! We have had some insane results ever since! First thing you need to do?


HeartButt Week 1 - The Role of the Hip Flexors

How these little muscles can shut down your glutes What are the hip flexors? They’re actually a lot of different muscles! The two areas we’re going to focus on to help fire glutes are the psoas and the quads.


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