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Fasciablasting and more. All you need to know about Fascia and using the FasciaBlaster tools.

The Skinny on Your Skin

Do you ever notice women with beautiful, radiant skin and wonder, “How in the world do I get skin like that?” I’m sure we’ve all caught ourselves staring in awe and wanting to know her secret! I can tell you botox is NOT the answer, and spending thousands of dollars on facial products won’t give you the youthful glow that you are looking for…… and...


The Journey I Will Forever be THANKFUL For

  With the holidays in full swing, I’ve been spending some of my downtime reflecting on my journey that has led me to where I am today.  I thought to myself, what a perfect time for me to share my story with my AMAZING followers like you! I know that there are a lot of newbies here so here’s a little inside look into my...


Want to Reduce your Belly Overhang? Start with your posture!

So what does posture have to do with belly overhang? EVERYTHING! Posture helps us stand, walk, sit, and lie in positions that place the least amount of strain on supporting muscles and ligaments during movement and weight-bearing activities.

Can Fascia be Causing Your Body to Hurt?

We all have aches, sometimes to the point of stopping us from doing the things we love, and it’s so widespread that we seem to accept or even expect them. Ready to shift your paradigm big time?!

Week 11 Live Feed - Stress Management

We are coming up on the finish line in the Heart Butt Challenge! I have something very near and dear to my heart (wink, wink) to share with you this week. You might not think stress has a clear relationship with booty shaping, but you’d be surprised! So often we want to go hardcore with our diet and exercise and Blasting to get the fastest...


HeartButt Week 10 - Advanced Heart Butt Exercises

I want to bring home the Heart Butt Challenge in a big way, so this week we’re kicking it up a notch! We’re taking the exercises you’ve been doing throughout the challenge to the next level. These variations are specifically for those who have been doing the exercises for several weeks and faithfully working on hip extension and glute activation. If you need to start...

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