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Fasciablasting and more. All you need to know about Fascia and using the FasciaBlaster tools.

Is your Microbiome Cycle Affecting your weight?

FUNGI, HORMONES AND FASCIA… Oh My! The short answer is YES! Your microbiome and your connective tissue, FASCIA, has everything to do with your weight.

The Myth of Cellulite Debunked FOREVER!

For years I’ve been trying to explain that cellulite doesn’t exist! So of course, people look at me like “well what the h%^@ am I looking at then?” I’m so thrilled to have a new visual to explain! And you can share this email with any “doubter”. We can now see into the human body to see from the skin to the bone like layers...


How to use the FasciaBlaster tools - A step by step guide

Congratulations! You have taken a much bigger step than you realize by using the FasciaBlaster Tools. This is a great way to have new control over your body!

Bruise Cruise

First, let me say this, The FasciaBlaster doesn’t bruise anyone - the amount of pressure YOU decide to use and the starting condition of the fascia does! But, it’s all good, I am here to talk you through it! Don’t worry, you’re in control! FasciaBlasting by nature, like a massage, can have a ‘hurt so good’ approach, but it doesn’t have to. Some like massages...


What are the best beginner FasciaBlasting tools?

You’ve probably heard the word fascia tossed around in various circles - everywhere from the gym to wellness centers to celebrities -  and it sure is intriguing, isn’t it?!

Can Fascia Regenerate?

Let’s address a question that I see a lot: “Can fascia regenerate?”  The good news is that fascia can repair itself after injury … although it doesn’t exactly ‘regenerate’ (in the sense of growing anew into a flawless region of tissue). It heals more like the skin, where the edges of a wound can stick together if they are close enough (which is why we...

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