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People ask me all the time, “There are so many FasciaBlaster products, which one would you choose?”  OK guys, that’s a very difficult question. I love them each for different reasons! I would say you need every single one, but let me try to break this down product by product, and I’ll let you decide which one is best for you!

If you could only get one FasciaBlaster product, I would go with the original FasciaBlaster. This amazing tool can massage fascia and muscle tissue on almost any area of the body. The larger claws can stay light based on the amount of pressure you use, and they can get deeper into the myofascial tissue as your body is ready. 

The FaceBlaster is unique, as it’s specifically designed for the face. The claws are much smaller and just the right size to hit all of those delicate facial tissues. I don’t just use it on my face, though; I use it ALL over my body, especially any of those little sensitive areas that need extra TLC. 

The Mini1 and the Mini2 are portable and convenient, with the same size claws as the original FasciaBlaster. Believe me, I take these with me everywhere I go and use them on almost every body part. I love reaching the ankles, inside the knee, over the shoulders, basically everywhere! The Mini2 is fantastic for down the side of the leg and an awesome tool to work on those pesky love handles that we have all grown to despise. I would recommend both because you’re going to use them just a little bit differently and love them each more for certain areas of your body!

My absolute FAVORITE tool... The Masterblaster! It’s great for beginners who are just starting their blasting.  If used lightly, the claws will only penetrate that little bit of surface level fascia. As you begin to get more acquainted with your tissue and the Masterblaster, you’ll be able to take this one deeper the more the tissue opens and take your blasting to the next level. And that’s what we’re all trying to achieve, right?!

I can’t leave out the Blaster Oil because:

#1 It smells AMAZING! 

#2 It makes using the Blasters so much easier, allowing them to glide smoothly on whatever portion of the body you are Blasting. 

#3 Did you know that it’s scientifically proven to activate thermogenesis to melt fat? That’s right, and that’s why it pairs perfectly with your FasciaBlaster tools! 

The After Blaster has a skin tightening agent and arnica for speedy healing when you’re FasciaBlasting. I can’t think of a better way to end a Blasting session than with that wonderful aroma of coconuts and lavender.

Lastly, I can’t stress enough how important it is to educate yourself on fascia. Want to know the best way to learn everything you ever wanted to know about fascia? My book “The Cellulite Myth” has it all.  From the history of fascia, what it does, how it behaves, and all the protocols... this book has it ALL! And did I mention that it’s a super easy read? 

So there you have it! If you are new to FasciaBlasting, I recommend getting into our fabulous group on Facebook, get the book, and get your Blaster ready! 

Happy Blasting with Love and Light to you all,


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