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What Exactly Is Fascia?

by Ashley Black

Answering this question is not as easy as it seems. That’s because it all depends on who you ask. There are so many different anatomical or medical terms describing fascia tissue which can make describing fascia challenging to explain. Fascia in Latin means “bundle, bandage, strap, unification, and binding together.” But let’s see if I can break this down the easy way.

Fascia is the body's connective tissue. It's everywhere, and I mean everywhere. It runs from head-to-toe, fingertip-to-fingertip, all throughout the body. It provides a framework that helps protect and support individual muscle groups, organs, and the entire body. It has a similar resemblance to spiderwebs.  There are four different types of fascia: structural fascia on the surface level; interstructural throughout the structures and organs; visceral, which fills in cavities and helps keep organs in place, and spinal fascia that we can find around the spinal cord. 

When we experience injury or trauma to a part of the body, the fascia contracts and distorts in the area to offer support. These adhesions are also responsible for tightness and restriction. Not only can this be painful, but it is also the cause of cellulite that we have all grown to hate.  When the fascia adheres to the skin, it pulls it down, and in turn, the fat is pushed up through the fascia, creating the 'mountains and valleys' we know as cellulite. Those pesky areas are painful and not so pleasant to the eyes. But no worries here, that is where the FasciaBlaster comes into play! 

With our tools, you’ll have less pain, more energy, and improved range of motion. For those using the FasciaBlaster for aesthetics, many users also notice almost immediate results.  Cellulite will become less visible, stomach pouches will begin to shrink, and bodies will take on a whole new look. 

Fascia can definitely be a little finicky, but with the help of our FasciaBlaster products, we can give our fascia the tender love and care it deserves. 

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