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What are the best beginner FasciaBlasting tools?

by Ashley Black

I want to start FasciaBlasting - how can I keep it simple?

You’ve probably heard the word fascia tossed around in various circles - everywhere from the gym to wellness centers to celebrities -  and it sure is intriguing, isn’t it?! There are so many possibilities for what fascia-care can do in our lives, and the science is just beginning to stack up. There’s still so much to be studied with the fascia! This is an exciting time to join the movement, and I’m so glad you are here! 

There’s A TON of information out there, and I know sometimes we just need the short version to get started. Once you start feeling the difference in your own body and are ready to learn more about what goes on at the tissue level (and cellular level!), you’ll want to dive deeper with The Cellulite Myth. It’s about SO much more than cellulite, like how your fascia works, how to be your own fascia detective right at home, and how to take care of this fascinating body system.

For now, let’s cut through any overwhelm and stick to the basics. You can always add more to your knowledge base and your routine later. 

Oils & Creams

The first thing is to use The FasciaBlaster on bare skin with oil. Just like massaging with hands often includes oil, the glide-factor is important here, too. We want to work the long lines of fascia, not tug on dry skin, so choose an oil that doesn’t absorb too quickly. You can try coconut, olive, avocado, etc.

I specially designed my BlasterOil® to have the perfect consistency. I put a lot of hard work into developing the right formulation and to make sure you can’t go wrong using them! BONUS: I added an ingredient that can help aid thermogenesis aka supports the fat-burning process! 


Once you’ve oiled up the area you want to Blast, you’ll ease into the topmost layer of fascia with a small-clawed tool. The smaller size of claws helps keep you at that surface layer - you can think of it like combing a hair knot and needing to untangle one section at a time rather than forcing a comb down through the whole thing.

Key takeaway: light and brisk, up-and-down (like an old washboard) or side-to-side (like a violin bow) motions

You may only do this step for your first few sessions, and that’s totally ok! I’m a huge proponent of learning to listen to your body. If you feel discomfort, it’s your body telling you it’s not ready to go deeper...YET. You’ll get there! It’s all about what is right for YOUR body, and taking care of your body isn’t a race.

Recap: the prep tools are where you begin to work on your fascia - little by little, layer by layer. The tiny claws of the prep tools are perfect for the top layer of fascia and slowly working into the tissue without going too deep. Great for full-body Blasts (and the FaceBlaster for the more delicate tissues of the face).

Recommended for beginners

The FaceBlaster™ was specifically designed for the face (it temporarily increases local blood circulation which is AMAZING for our skin)... and it is an awesome prep tool for all over your body.

The MasterBlaster™ has 9 small claws on a longer handle, so you get the detailed approach of the FaceBlaster™ combined with the reach of the original FasciaBlaster™.


When you can use the prep tools comfortably and your tissue feels ready to work in deeper, then you’re ready to massage! After oiling up and prepping the tissue, you’ll grab a large-clawed massage tool - it’s really that simple, the big claws allow you to use more pressure to reach deeper into the myo-fascial tissue. 

We do this AFTER prepping the surface tissue, because you can’t really skip any “tangles” in one layer and try to force your way down to the next.This really is a layer-by-layer process. You’ll use the massage tools just like the prep tools, up and down like a washboard or side to side like playing a violin.

Key takeaway: listen to your body

Recap: the tool is in your hands, so you decide what pressure feels right to you. You might begin doing this step with almost no pressure and simply letting the tool glide. Or you might find some areas of your body like deeper pressure while others signal you to keep it light.

Recommended for beginners

The Mini 2™ allows for easy single-handed FasciaBlasting in hard to reach areas such as the inner thighs, neck, and arms.

The FasciaBlaster® is the original and still the best! The #1 selling self-use tool for massaging fascia and muscles on almost any area of the body, it’s the most versatile (and our most purchased) tool. 


We have lots of resources for you to learn about this step, but we recommend getting to know your tissue and what feels good to you before advancing to the refining tools. This will be ah-mazing for stubborn areas and detailed work later, so keep mental notes or jot down areas as you find them. Once you’ve been FasciaBlasting consistently and can massage more deeply COMFORTABLY, then you’ll refine after the massage step. 

After Care

Whether you’re sticking with the prep for now or including deeper massage, it’s always a good idea to end with some post-Blast TLC. We warmed up before, and we’ll cool down after. You can stretch, ice, or do a light massage with your ends. My FAVORITE is a gentle massage of the area as I rub in my AfterBlaster Cream.

Recommended for beginners

The AfterBlaster Cream™ is carefully blended with ingredients that have proven to tighten and firm skin and flatten wrinkles, as well as arnica and aloe vera. 

No matter if you keep to these basics for months or dive down into the fascia-care rabbit hole and, I’m so glad you’ve begun your journey. Welcome to the FasciaBlasting family!

Happy Blasting with Love and Light to you all!


The Elite Starter Kit II™ is amazing for first-time users, because it has The MasterBlaster™, and a small-clawed long tool for prepping the tissue - The Mini 2™, which is great for massaging deeper into the tissue . The MasterBlaster for the skin and structural fascia layer and the Mini 2 for the muscle layer. Everything you need in one package, with significant savings! It allows for full-body myo-fascial treatment at every level.

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