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So what does posture have to do with belly overhang? EVERYTHING! Posture helps us stand, walk, sit, and lie in positions that place the least amount of strain on supporting muscles and ligaments during movement and weight-bearing activities. Good posture ensures that your bones are well aligned with the rest of your body. But bad posture can lead to problems like back pain, misalignment, and therefore that annoyingly, poochy stomach. I see so many people with HUGE arches in their backs, making everything look WAY bigger in the front. That’s right, bad posture can make your belly look bigger than it actually is!

Posture = instant results + ongoing progress

New moms especially have a tough time because they lose access to their abs during pregnancy. So rather than giving you 5000 sit-ups (you’re welcome) or even my CORE training program, the thing that you can do to find and engage your ab muscles again is to change your posture. That’s right my friends! By changing your posture, you’ll stop exaggerating what’s there while you work towards making your abs stronger and leaner.

When I teach my clients about correct posture, I have them first put their back to a wall. Be sure to adjust accordingly until there are around two inches in the arch area. The next step is to straighten both legs like railroad tracks. Be sure that your feet are not turning out, because not having our feet inline with our hips can lead to some serious backache and discomfort. So now that our legs are where we want them, take your ribs and pull them back into your body and pull your stomach underneath. You’ll need to turn on the lower abs to get your pelvis lined up, and that’s what we want! 


Put your fingers right underneath your belly button and try to squeeze the muscles underneath, really engaging and solidifying that part of the body. I like to think of it as a cinder block. Once you have your abs fired up, you’ll let the rest of your body relax. So make your tummy like a cinder block and think of the rest of your body like a blanket and just throw it over the cinder-block. By doing this, you’re teaching the right muscles to turn on, and the compensatory muscles to turn off. 

It may be a little tricky at first, but be sure to give yourself about 30 days to get yourself into that habit. Doing a body scan and getting yourself to the wall a few times a day will do wonders to get your belly overhang in check. I like to check in on my posture EVERYWHERE! Grocery stores, video shoots, in a meeting… you name it! 

So all my lovely people with belly overhang - whether you’re a postpartum mama, have gained/lost weight, or just lost touch with these muscles over the years - remember to channel that cinder block and let the blanket just drape over! Be sure to BLAST that tummy area a couple of times a week to help get the fascia healthy and wake up those muscles. I can’t think of a better way to blast than with our PARTY BLASTER to get you feeling beautiful!

Be sure to show us your before and afters of your amazing belly transformations in our Facebook group! I want to read all about your journey!

Happy Blasting with Love and Light to you all!