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The Skinny on Your Skin

by Ashley Black

Do you ever notice women with beautiful, radiant skin and wonder, “How in the world do I get skin like that?” I’m sure we’ve all caught ourselves staring in awe and wanting to know her secret! I can tell you botox is NOT the answer, and spending thousands of dollars on facial products won’t give you the youthful glow that you are looking for…… and here’s why. 

The glow comes from healthy skin. 

So much of what goes on in our bodies is a delicate balance of sophisticated systems. For skin to be healthy and happy, it requires nutrients that are supplied by the blood via an intricate internal delivery system. We can picture it sort of like the root system of a tree but in reverse. The “roots” are part of the circulatory system, with the larger ones deeper down and the smaller off-shoots, about the thickness of a strand of hair, coming up through the layers of fascia to reach the surface. 

These fine off-shoots deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. This delivery system also delivers the building blocks of collagen, which is the “HOLY GRAIL” of beautiful skin! Collagen is needed for the skin to be healthy, tight, smooth, and youthful; yes, it is produced internally, not externally or topically. 

PS In our PUBLISHED STUDY, we saw evidence to back up higher collagen levels!

Also, elastin, which is part of our DNA at birth, needs oxygen delivered via the blood in order to thrive at the skin level. Elastin helps the skin keep its original shape, and without proper blood flow the elastin “starves” so to speak, and then it can’t do its job properly.

Do you want all these goodies to reach your skin cells?

You might even notice a link between skin health and temperature. The tiny tubes of the blood vessels also contribute to the regulation of body heat by controlling the amount of blood flowing to the surface of the skin. Have you ever noticed how a person with poor circulation is often cold? This also indicates that the fascia is unhealthy and the skin isn’t getting what it needs from optimal blood flow. You’ve probably never heard someone say, “I’m freezing! I really need to address my tight fascia!” 

That might not be the norm... YET. Tight fascia can affect circulation; in fact, the FasciaBlasterⓇ tools temporarily increase local blood circulation!

When fascia is unhealthy, we can picture the distortions impacting the blood flow like a kink in a garden hose that doesn’t allow water to flow freely. When the skin doesn’t get the blood, oxygen, and nutrients that it needs, it can look droopy, saggy, wrinkly, dimply, and feel cold. If you are trying to change the condition of the skin from the outside with creams and lotions, it’s important to realize that there’s very little you can do without proper blood flow from the inside. (Psssst I love to use my After Blaster cream right after a Blasting session!) Fascia isn’t the only reason that blood flow can be restricted, but it’s certainly worth considering!

So now’s time to bring all of this to light and REALLY think about fascia and how it relates to the skin. Rather than attacking the symptoms, let’s get to the root of the problems. Be sure to check out my website and Facebook page to see thousands of pictures that show how restoring the fascia changes appearance.


Happy Blasting with Love and Light to you all!

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