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The Myth of Cellulite Debunked FOREVER!

by Ashley Black

For years I’ve been trying to explain that cellulite doesn’t exist! So of course, people look at me like “well what the h%^@ am I looking at then?” I’m so thrilled to have a new visual to explain! And you can share this email with any “doubter”.

Ashley Black Guru - Cellulite debunked Fascia Layout

We can now see into the human body to see from the skin to the bone like layers on a cake in our new animation! The top layer is the skin with a layer of structural fascia underneath. Then the brownish/yellow color is the layer of fat (and yes, even skinny people have fat) followed by a layer of structural fascia. The red layer is the muscle and we can see the bright red blood vessels and the blue nerves inside the muscle, followed by a fascial connection to the bone.

Pay attention: ALL THE WHITE STUFF running through the fat, muscle and the layers of structural fascia is the inter-structural fascia. In the top image the fascia is healthy. In the second Image the fascia has some micro adhesions that begin to distort the skin. The third image shows how  fascial adhesions can drag the skin down into deep dents that can extend into the muscle. The fat would be smooth if it weren’t for the fascia!

Ashley Black Guru - Cellulite Myth Debunked BlasterSister Yvonne R.

#BlasterSister Yvonne R.

These results are during 1 year of blasting. My 61 year old legs now look amazing. Blast 3x a week with my Mini2 in the shower for 10 mins total for both legs.

Hope this encourages the ladies that need it. Keep blasting!!!! Thank you Ashley

You can see that not only is the skin affected by appearing dimply, but the problem is deep below the skin. Visually we can see that the muscle function can be disrupted and the blood and nerves could also be affected. So it’s not the time to “embrace our cellulite”, it’s time to chisel away at years of fascia neglect and reveal the woman you have always been underneath.

Now check out the FasciaBlaster in action! 

It’s the ONLY tool to “brush fascia”! Brush your teeth, brush your hair and brush your fascia!

Remember this is not only my opinion, this has been demonstrated in ultrasound images in a peer-reviewed and published study, where the layers are not as neat and pretty as my animation, but you can see the white stuff looking quite bad before and SMOOTH 90 days later. This is THE anti-aging hack, and you can do this.

Ashley Black Guru - 90 Days of Fasciablasting - Ultrasound of the thigh

Hundreds of thousands of women have gone before you! Join our group and meet all of them. I am and they are here 100% to guide you every step of the way. It’s THIS EASY. Don’t worry about being fancy, or if you fell off the wagon… don’t think.. JUST BLAST!

Ashley Black Guru - Cellulite Myth Debunked BlasterSister Terrant P

#BlasterSister Terrant P.

I tried to blast everyday (at first I was extremely bruised and there were a couple of days I was too tender) -that was my own fault though I went as hard as I could from day one not realizing the importance of layer by layer...

My main focus was on my legs but I now have learned that I should blast everywhere I will be honest I am not as consistent with full body...I am trying to get into the habit of full body at least 2-3 times a week after seeing the improvements on my legs.

Tired of unrealistic programs and expectations? You’ve just discovered the secret “between the lines” In the spirit of Blasting layer by layer, little by little, our featured product of the week is the Master Blaster. It has the length of the big blaster allowing you to have great leverage for bellies and legs. The tiny claws allow you to begin at the skin layer, again addressing the little fascial adhesions first at the surface before you progress to the deeper levels.

Here’s how Kourtney Kardashians’s massage therapist shares how to use the MasterBlaster:

I hope that this has helped you discover what to do if you feel stuck and frustrated. Knowledge is POWER.

Healthy vibes for you and your fascia!

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