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Ashley Black - Article Author


Oh My!

The short answer is YES! Your microbiome and your connective tissue, FASCIA, has everything to do with your weight. I have a lot to say about the microbiome and fascia, but for this blog I want to focus on two concepts:

How the microbiome can signal for us to gain weight and fat

The missing link in the entire nutrient absorption process–– the FASCIA

Why am I so passionate


I am sharing my story because it is my duty to educate my users! I’ve had over 20 year career in health and fitness but nothing prepared me for my microbiome to make me gain weight. Having extensive knowledge of diet and exercise was not enough to reverse the damage. After seeing my before pics for 2018 for the New Year New You challenge I knew something was wrong. Not only had I gained weight but I was swollen, exhausted, and looked sick. You can imagine how difficult it was to be a public figure and not having control over my body. Later in 2018, I met Dr. Lizano who tested me for bacterial overgrowth, seen here in the blow test. The test results were shocking, but I am so happy this happened to me because I know this has to be happening to so many of my users! It took over a year for me to feel normal, but I am very hopeful about my future health and I am grateful for the bumpy road that led me here to write this blog.

Believe it or not, in the before pics - January 2018 I was eating clean and working out for 2-3 hours a day 5x a week. My microbiome was completely out of whack, I was not absorbing nutrients and my hormones were going crazy. Highly frustrating for someone who has always been an expert in weight control.

The after pics, were last week - June 2020. I do gut repair supplements, eat a diet that balances my microbiome and FasciaBlast for an hour 3-4x a week full body.

Getting this right has not only made weight control easy, I feel so healthy and young. I am 48.” Ashley Black



The microbiome is a community of microorganisms including fungi and bacteria that line the skin and every organ system that is connected to the outside world. This includes the digestive tract, the respiratory tract, and the urogenital tract. Most people are simply referring to all three of these systems as GUT HEALTH. Just know that it’s more complex than that.

For perspective, for every 100 pounds a person weighs, around 3 pounds of the total weight is the bacteria of microbiome, yikes!

The microbiome is now being called the SUPER ORGANISM and considered to be part of a human being.

I say this so dramatically because the microbiome is soooooo important for overall health and weight management, because it is a command center. You could be eating healthy, meditating, sleeping well and exercising, but if the microbiome and the fascia are wrong… you’re basically… well TBH… screwed! Sadly, I know from personal experience.

OK, so how does the microbiome make us gain weight? Even if we’re eating health consciously and doing all the “right things”? Well, we wrongfully believe that when we eat, the stomach acid breaks down food. Then the food is sent to the intestines and digestive enzymes break it down further. Then the food with its nutrients is sent to the blood which delivers the “good stuff” to our cells, right? WRONG!!!!

The microbiome has many functions, but a big part of its role is to perform the final and very important stage of digestion, breaking down our food into the tiniest bits to be absorbed, and determine the HEALTH OF OUR CELLS!

So, how does the


So we know the microbiome is part of digestion, so what? Why does it make us fat? That’s what we want to know! Well, In the last phase of digestion, the health and balance of the microbiome cells exchange information with our human cells. The command centre that is the microbiome in the gut, secretes information that sends signals. These signals can adjust our genetics, affect our mood and compromise our immune system. But in terms of weight, the microbiome can MAKE and release hormones that can affect our entire physiology such as dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, And wait for it…. CORTISOL 😱 It’s no secret that Cortisol is the fat-making hormone. Cortisol can be dumped regardless of what we eat, it’s how the gut processes the food and what signal it sends for absorption! Double yikes!

The microbiome is also a sneaky little 3 pounds of organisms, in that it ALSO can secrete 2 hormones that affect our appetite.

LEPTIN - which tells us we’ve had enough food

GHRELIN - which says we need more food

If the microbiome is out of balance, then you can imagine that Leptin and Ghrelin crossed signals can jack up our appetite. So, to say the microbiome is important is an understatement. How our microbiome gets out of whack and how to fix it is a whole bunch of blogs for another day (And I’m happy to write them). For now, just know that the microbiome SUPER ORGANISM is important, very important! Stay tuned, more solutions to come.

The microbiome issue is so close to my heart. I feel like if God puts something in my path, I am meant to teach and pass it on. For New Year New You 2020 I put together a complete program with my doctor that is completely FREE! With how to eliminate foods for sensitivity and how to reintroduce as well as repair the gut. This was a game changer for me, and I hope it will be for you too. It began Feb 1, 2020 but anytime is a good time to start!



To do with it?

Everything! I just explained that the microbiome basically determines what nutrition we get or don’t get! Our fascia determines what gets stored, distributed and eliminated. The condition of the fascia basically determines if we can be healthy, build muscle, express the cells to the fullest and if we accidentally store something “bad” in the tissue . Let me explain.

Once food makes its way through the intestines and ultimately the microbiome, then it’s time for the blood to take the “nutrition” to the cells, kind of, stay with me. Blood is made of red and white cells that we are pretty familiar with. Blood distributes hormones, oxygen, proteins and moves around waste. BUT, it’s not the only thing that contributes to building cells for active metabolisms, vitality and weight management? Ah, enter the part of blood you may not be familiar with. The portion that remains if you remove the red and white cells, platelets and other cellular components- the PLASMA! Plasma is about 55% of the blood composition and contains water, salts, enzymes, antibodies and other proteins. We can call it the “good stuff” if you like.

Plasma has been in the news lately for its richness in growth hormones and other “fountain of youth” qualities. Athletes are injecting it into their injured areas, people are donating it for good money and the vampire facial, which pokes holes in the face and pours plasma over top, has become popular with celebrities. But if plasma is so great? Why don’t we just focus on absorbing it and getting it into all our cells?

How does plasma get to the cells? So, part one, is the microbiome that allows the blood to absorb the building blocks it contains from the food we digest (properly) into the vessels. Pressure builds on the vessels, aka blood pressure. With the added pressure, the plasma is pushed to leak out through little spaces in the vessels called the endothelial spaces. But what about the red and white blood cells? Do they leak out and get to the body’s cells? Nope. They’re too big, so the only thing that escapes the vessels, into the capillaries and OUT to the cells is the plasma.

This is where fascia HAS to enter the conversation. If capillaries leak plasma, where do they leak? They leak into the connective tissue FASCIA. The fascia drinks the plasma like a sponge and distributes it directly to the cells, giving them CELL VITALITY. Why does this affect our weight? Because cells need nutrition to become fat burning powerhouses. So, what happens if the fascia is not healthy? What if it’s dehydrated? Tangled? Tight? The plasma doesn’t reach the cells AND the toxins get stuck in fascia! Let me repeat, if the fascia is “bad”, the plasma doesn’t reach the cells and the toxins get stuck in the fascia! That’s "stop the press" news. And even better, a solution already exists to make sure the fascia is healthy.

What the heck


The good news is that restoring your fascia or preventing your fascia from becoming “crappy” is easy, and scientifically proven. In a 33 subject peer reviewed and published medical study, subjects were asked to use the FasciaBlaster tools and scrub their bodies like you would with a loofah. Simple enough. Brush your teeth, brush your hair, and now… brush your fascia! Regularly. This Ultrasound shows the fascia before and after 90 days of FasciaBlasting. There is just no denying that the fascia is smoother, more hydrated and better organized. And it’s a good thing, because our cells want their plasma and the toxins want to get out. If you’re totally unfamiliar with fascia or FasciaBlasting, you can check out this simple video or read our Step By Step Guide to FasciaBlasting. These two resources are all you really need to begin to move in the direction of plasma drinking, waste removing, FASCIA.

Ok, so we get it… the spongy fascia intakes the plasma and other fluids and delivers them to the cells. Now what? The fluid has got to get back into the blood or circulation is compromised. The fascia cleanses the fluid, dumping the “garbage” into the lymphatic system and the fluid is sucked back into the vessels through osmosis. This completes the cycle. So, if we want to control our weight, I think it’s safe to say that we need good fascia. This was supported in the study as well, through an increase in metabolism over the 90 day period and by a reduction of sub-dermal fat.

Not only did we see the evidence in ultrasound that fascia was helping with weight management, it was confirmed with further testing of metabolism and fat reduction... score!

In Conclusion

The health of the gut and fascia are not the ONLY factors in controlling weight or being healthy, but they sure are two of the least talked about. So, if you feel like you’re already “doing things right” or you just want to “up your game”, jumping on the microbiome and fascia train, certainly makes sense. Both are just small little differences you can make in your daily routine, that just might make a huge impact. They certainly did for me and for many of my customers. I have over a million, so that’s saying a lot.

What now?

In a world that is overwhelming right now, I want to give you some level of control. I read every day in social how my sisters have "fallen off the wagon" are "overwhelmed" or "just can't find the motivation". So I put together this amazing kit that includes the Spot Kryopack, the nugget for stubborn tissue, the FasciaBlaster and the FaceBlaster which is ofcourse, great for the face.




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