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How Long Does It Take To See Results With The FasciaBlaster?

by Ashley Black

How Long Does It Take To See Results With The FasciaBlaster?

Consistency is Key!

We are so happy you asked. You will feel something extraordinary happening with your first use. BUT Consistency is Key! What we know FOR SURE is that the collagen fibers, aka. Fascia tissue has the ability to remodel in a 90-day period with 5 days a week of blasting for 20 minutes*.

How long does the Fascia Blaster take to work?

When “Fascia Blasting, how long for results” is the most common question. This could be answered in many ways by our customers. Some say one week, some say one month, and some say one year. This is partly why we did formal scientific research so that we could use the 90-day controlled time frame as a baseline. Remember, you begin to improve the day you start and are in control of your Fascia Blaster results.

What are the benefits of FasciaBlasting?

Our study results show you can: (see above study or view it in its entirety here)

  • Decrease subcutaneous fat (break down fat in targeted areas)
  • Increase collagen production (makes skin smoother and tighter)
  • Decrease systemic inflammation (lowers CRP for total body healing)
  • Increase Resting Metabolic Rate (whoo hoo, burn more fat)
  • Decrease the appearance of cellulite ( and most eradicate it)
  • Increase irisin, the exercise hormone (good hormones to turn back the hands of time)

What areas of the body can I use the FasciaBlaster tool?

You can use the FasciaBlaster tools on all body areas, including the face, abs, arms, back, legs, head, hands, and feet. You can also target trouble spots like wrinkles, fine lines, jowls and jawline, crow's feet, cellulite, loose skin, crepe skin, muscle tension, body discomforts, and so much more! Fascia is EVERYWHERE in the body, so you can FasciaBlast it all.

Fascia Blaster, how often?

Our participants use the FasciaBlaster five days a week with two rest days off. We recommend starting FasciaBlasting at least three days a week to see how your body adjusts to FasciaBlasting. Everyone begins with a certain level of fascia aging, or damage, so remember that this will be your unique experience.

How long do you FasciaBlast each area?

In our study, participants used the FasciaBlaster tool for five minutes per area on the legs. This means five minutes on the top of the leg, five minutes on the inner thigh, five minutes on the outer thigh, and five minutes on the back of the leg. The same would apply to other body parts. However, we don’t want you to get fixated on the number of minutes. We always recommend listening to your body and doing what works best for you. If it hurts, do less time till your body gets used to it. If it feels good, you can do it for over 5 mins. There is no set time. Go with the flow. There is no “wrong” amount of time!

How do I get started FasciaBlasting?

It is straightforward to start FasciaBlasting. You simply order your FasciaBlaster tools. We have Beginner Kits to help you at the bottom of this page. Follow our tutorials in the main menu. Use on bare skin WITH OIL and start scrubbing like a washboard light and brisk! It’s that simple. We love this video where Ashley shares the three rules of thumb for getting started.

What's the easiest way to get on a FasciaBlasting routine

The easiest way to get on a FasciaBlasting routine is to look at your overall schedule and incorporate FasciaBlasting as part of your healthy lifestyle. This can be done in the shower, in a hot bath, or FasciaBlasting before or after a workout. You can also FasciaBlast in a sauna or while sunbathing. You can even “Netflix and Blast” in front of the TV. You can FasciaBlast anytime, anywhere! You can do this while on the go. Take your tools with you anywhere. We have sizes for all accommodations.

Does that mean I need to heat up before using the FasciaBlaster?

While heat is not required, FasciaBlasting is less sensitive when the tissue is warm, and you will be able to blast deeper. Heat will also help with temporary blood flow to get going faster. So we like to tell our customers to blast until they turn pink or red. The body tissue is so much easier to work when it is nice and warm. We love to get hot and sweaty before FasciaBlasting, and BONUS; FasciaBlasting can double as a workout!! Put on your heart rate monitor and track your calories burned!

What if I have sensitive tissue?

We are so glad you asked! Any sensitive tissue or discomfort is your body telling you something is dysfunctional in the fascia. It’s the VERY PLACE you want to blast… NOT avoid. We like to start by easing in with light pressure and slowly working up to more, preferably with a small claw tool or the silicone Boost tool. Don’t force FasciaBlasting. Allow the claws or silicone to glide across the top of the skin and then slowly go deeper and deeper as your body allows. You’ll see that the more your body gets used to touch, the more comfortable it becomes with the process. It is perfectly okay to start with just a few seconds. In time, those seconds will become minutes. Every little bit helps! We do have a treat for you, too!! Ashley filmed an excellent video with techniques you can try if you have sensitive tissue. Watch it now and see how you can get going. It gets better as your tissue gets healthy.

I feel like I will do it wrong. Any advice?

We recommend just starting and learning to listen to your body cues. If it feels good, keep going, and if it’s sensitive… keep going. LIGHT AND BRISK. You can ease in as much as you want and take rest days as needed. FasciaBlasting has become very intuitive, and we have lots of support so you can feel comfortable starting. Reach out to us anytime at, and we will help you!

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You can buy this product in 4 installments with SHOPpay

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