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3 Rules of Thumb for Fasciablasting

by Ashley Black


Whether you are a newbie FasciaBlaster or a long-time veteran, it’s always a good idea to know the Best Practices of Fasciablasting.

Rule #1: Blast layer by layer. Slow and steady wins the race! 

Get ready to start by oiling your skin. We love to spray Blaster Oil generously and use the Blaster to move the oil around so our hands don’t become slick. Set the Blaster claws down on the skin to where you can just feel the top of the muscle layer. Don’t press INTO the muscle layer just yet. You’ll want to stay light and brisk, palpating this top fascia layer. If you have what feels like rocks and gravel, stay light and brisk so the FasciaBlaster can work it’s magic to smooth the tissue. Some people will immediately start feeling the gravel and some won’t; it depends on the condition of your surface fascia. Stay at that first level until all of it is completely smooth before picking up intensity. 

That leads us to Rule #2. 

Rule # 2: The FasciaBlaster is not intended to induce pain.

Yes, it’s ok to have mild discomfort to dysfunctional areas, because then you know you're breaking through the adhesion. YOU control the intensity, and less pressure with more consistency is better in the long run. If you are too aggressive you can cause some unnecessary bruising. Mild bruising here and there is ok, but be sure to take a couple of days off from Blasting to recover and use After Blaster lotion (with its fabulous healing properties) after every use. 

Which leads us to Rule #3.

Rule #3: Once you turn red or you start to swell, you're done.

Once you become red you know that you have fresh blood going to the area. This is a sign that you've done the work. If you go further, you might end up in the “Swell Zone,” and believe me that’s not where you want to be. Swelling can make you look bloated and, more importantly, it’s very hard for the tissue to really respond to the treatment if swelling occurs. Use ice to minimize swelling effects. 

So there you have it…. The 3 Rules of Thumb for FasciaBlasting Success. Stick to these rules and you’ll get your best results yet. Be sure to share all of your transformations on our FB group page! The Ashley Black Team loves to see all of your success stories. 

Happy Blasting everyone!

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